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WOW! Family Sticker

It's Easy to create your Family Decal.

1. Simply choose your category (Dads, Moms, Etc.)

2.All the Stick Figure Designs will show for that category. Simply click one to choose it.

3. You'll then be able to add a Name for that member. Type the Name in the empty text box. If you don't want a name just put a check in the "No Name" Checkbox and click the "Enter" button..

4. After adding all the family members you want, dont forget the other options like header, color, and even the lettering style (font). You can use the little arrows under each family member to move them into the order you want them or click "Remove" to remove one.

5.Then just scroll down and add the design to your shopping cart. If you want to create another decal you can click the "Clear All Choices" after adding the first one to the cart.

Family Decal Creation
We ship vinyl decals to CANADA or USA! Celebrating 17 YEARS ONLINE! Order Your graphics and we'll send them today. Pics of creations posted to our Facebook page daily.

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Family Sticker Lettering Styles Arrow Pointing


Choose a Lettering style for the text on your family decal.

Simply click the radio button next to the lettering style you want and then click the "Choose Font Button" below.

This is optional. If you don't want to choose you can leave it on the standard style "kids" which looks GREAT!

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